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RTCW Single Player Demo (Windows)
Filename: wolf_spdemo.exe

Date Added:
Type / Category:
114.1 MB
400 MHZ - 128 MB RAM - 3D Card
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Average User Rating: 8.4
Number of Votes: 3290
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RTCW Single Player Demo (Windows) - File Description  

RTCW Single Player Demo Description:
If you didn't get a chance to get your hands on the full game, then this Single Player only demo is for you!

This demo comes with 2 levels from the full game, "Escape from the Castle" (Escape1) and "Surviving the Catacombs" (Crypt1), including the cinematics that go along with these levels! Thanks Caryn Law for the info!

The full requirements are:
400 MHZ Intel or AMD - 128 MB RAM - 16 MB vRAM 3D Card with OpenGL Support
Needed diskspace for the demo is unknown, but the game will use up 300 MB HD space for a swap file.

RTCW Single Player Demo (Windows) - File Download Options  

Primary Download Locations:
Provided by:
Worldwide Mirror by FileFront
usa - USA Central USA Central

Download from Worldwide Mirror by FileFront Download RTCW Single Player Demo!

RTCW Single Player Demo (Windows) - Readme  
Readme File:
Return to Castle Wolfenstein
Single Player Demo - README

Thank you for trying Return to Castle Wolfenstein. For more information about the game, please visit our web site at http://castlewolfenstein.com. If you would like to purchase a copy of the game, please visit http://www.activision.com/games/wolfenstein/purchase.html for a list of online sites and local stores.

Created: 12/04/2001

Readme Contents:

1.> Error Message "Couldn't Load Default.cfg"
2.> Allocating Memory Using com_hunkmegs

1.> Sound Problems

1.> "Set Recommended" Menu Option
2.> Safe Mode - I Changed A System Option And Now The Game Doesn't Work Properly
3.> Video Cards
4.> Multiple Monitors
5.> 16 Bit Color
6.> Problems Playing In 856 by 480 Widescreen Resolution
7.> Problems Changing Quality Setting In The Video System Menu

1.> Clipboard Text is Illegible
2.> Wolfconfig.cfg Files

1.> Virtual Memory Warnings in NT/2000(SP2)/XP
2.> Virtual Memory Swap File
3.> Shift Key in Windows 2000(SP2) Interrupts Game
4.> Windows Key Interrupts Game In Windows NT/2000(SP2)/XP
5.> CTRL-ALT-DEL Freezes System On Windows® 2000(SP2)
6.> Game Icons Are Missing From Start Menu And/Or Desktop

1.> Mouse Wheel with Logitech Mice
2.> Demo Recording



Refer to this document if you encounter difficulties with one or more aspects of installation or running the Return to Castle Wolfenstein game. Many of the problems commonly encountered are covered here.



1. Error Message "Couldn't Load Default.cfg":

If you try to run Return to Castle Wolfenstein and receive the error message, "Couldn't Load default.cfg", the game is basically telling you that it cannot find the main directory that is part of Return To Castle Wolfenstein. This error commonly occurs when the game is installed with no directory specified. For example, if you choose to install it to a hard drive or partition other than the C: drive (that is, D:,E:, etc.), but fail to specify a folder, the game will install everything to the root of the hard drive and the game will not launch.

If you want to install the game to a hard drive other than the default setting (C:), please make sure you specify a folder when choosing the other drive (i.e.: D:RTCW).


2. Allocating Memory Using com_hunkmegs:

The command com_hunkmegs is used to increase or decrease the size of memory used by the game. By default it is set to 72 megabytes (MB), which allows the game to easily run on computers with 128 MB of RAM. If your system has more than 128 MB of RAM, you can adjust this value to allow better performance.

For example: If you have a machine with 256 MB of RAM you can use the command com_hunkmegs 192 to allocate more memory to the program. You do this by accessing the game console (press the ~ key), and typing in:

com_hunkmegs 192

Then press Enter.

(Substitute the amount of memory that you would like to dedicate for the "192" in the example above).

NOTE: You should never allocate more than 3/4 (75%) of your total system memory. You may experience problems with your computer system if you do. If you have also increased the amount of memory being allocated for sound, make sure that the total of com_hunkmegs and com_soundmegs is not greater than 3/4 (75%) of your total system memory.

Please refer to the Dedicated Server document for an example of how to alter com_hunkmegs on dedicated servers.



1. Sound Problems:

A. If you experience slow performance or audio hitches, you should lower some of your graphic settings. This is especially advised for users on Windows NT based systems, and users on systems with 128 MB RAM.
If you continue to experience slow performance or audio hitches, you may want to consider altering the com_soundmegs variable in the game to increase the amount of system memory the game uses for sound.
For example, if you have a machine with 128 megabytes (MB) of RAM, you can use the command com_soundmegs 32 to allocate more memory to the program. You would do this by accessing the game console (press the ~ key), and typing in:
com_soundmegs 32

Now hit the Enter key.

(Substitute the amount of memory that you would like to dedicate for the "32" in the example above).

NOTE: You should never allocate more than 1/4 (25%) of your total system memory to the soundmegs variable. You may experience problems with your computer system if you do. This setting is also affected by your com_hunkmegs variable (which is 72 MB by default). If you have raised your com_soundmegs value and increased the com_soundmegs value, be sure that you are not using 100% of your system memory, as you might experience system problems by doing so.

B. Users with Sound Blaster SB PCI512 sound cards will experience system slowdown if you change the sound quality to 22 KHz. A quality setting of 11 KHz should be used for optimum performance with this sound card.



1. "Set Recommended" Menu Option:

A. When you start Return to Castle Wolfenstein, the game will automatically detect the speed of your system and video card. Based on this information, the recommended graphics settings are applied to the game to ensure you are getting the absolute best performance for your system. If you have changed your graphics settings and want to revert back to our recommended settings simply click the "Set Recommended" option in the "Options> System > Graphics menu. You should also re-apply the "Set Recommended" settings if you upgrade your hardware at any point.


2. Safe Mode - I Changed A System Option And Now The Game Doesn't Work Properly:

If an option is changed in the game that does not work properly on your computer, you can recover by starting the game in Safe Mode. Return to Castle Wolfenstein Safe Mode is available from the Start Menu > Return to Castle Wolfenstein > Play Return to Castle Wolfenstein Multiplayer (Safe Mode) or Play Return to Castle Wolfenstein Single Player (Safe Mode).


3. Video Cards:
For optimum performance, your game graphics will be set to recommended settings. To customize these settings go to the System menu inside the Main menu of the game. If you change settings, you can always reset the recommended settings by hitting the "Set Recommended" button from the Options/System menu.

3Dfx Interactive
Windows XP - Voodoo cards may not be used on systems running Windows XP as no drivers for Voodoo cards exist for that operating system.

We have provided Wicked OpenGL drivers to enhance performance for 3Dfx Voodoo card users. (Wicked 3D Drivers COPYRIGHT (c) 1997,2001 Metabyte, Inc. All rights reserved.)

Voodoo 3 - For optimal performance, we recommend setting your screen resolution in game to 640x480. You may experience crashes or other performance issues at resolutions higher than 800x600. 32 bit color is not supported by this video card. Setting 'Color Depth' or 'Texture Quality' to 32 bit may produce unpredictable results as well.

Voodoo 4/5 - For optimal performance, we recommend setting your screen resolution in game to 640x480. You may experience crashes or other performance issues at resolutions higher than 800x600.

Voodoo 5: During the game, if the user presses CTRL-ALT-DEL the task manager in Win2k will not display properly, and make the game unplayable. During testing we found that simply hitting the Escape (ESC) key should restore the game back to normal.

Voodoo 5 owners should also be aware that they may not be able to toggle between fullscreen and windowed mode in the game. The currently available drivers do not support playing in a window.

ATI Technologies
Rage 128 – Systems with these cards may periodically experience undesirable video effects in Multiplayer games. Particle effects from weapons and the HUD interface may appear blocky. Follow the steps below to fix the problem:
Open the console by pushing the tilde “~” key.
Enter the following at the console prompt:


Press the Enter key.
Push the tilde “~” key again to close the console.
82810E (Integrated Graphics Chipset) - Return to Castle Wolfenstein requires at least 16 MB of dedicated on board video memory. Since this chipset allocates video memory dynamically from system memory, users will encounter performance problems. Either setting the video setting 'LOW' along with 640x480 resolution will help. NT4 users will encounter longer load times. These issues are a due to the limitation in the hardware and how the device interacts with the operating system.

Millennium G400 - Latest drivers available for testing did not implement 'GL Extensions' correctly and will be disabled by Return to Castle Wolfenstein if this video card is detected. G400 Owners are advised to update to the latest drivers available from www.matrox.com.
Millennium G550 - This card was brand new at the time of testing Return to Castle Wolfenstein. During testing this card had some unresolved issues. G550 owners are advised to update to the latest drivers available from www.matrox.com.

TNT2 Ultra or other Nvidia-based cards: These cards will not work with Return to Castle Wolfenstein in Windows 95 OSR2 with Detonator reference drivers. If you have one of these cards, please use the latest manufacturer drivers to play Return to Castle Wolfenstein.

GeForce3: We have had reported cases of crashing when playing Return to Castle Wolfenstein while the Windows desktop is set to 32 bit color. The problem was seen using nVidia Detonator drivers (version 21.81). To fix this problem set the Windows desktop to 16 bit. Go to the Start Menu > Settings > Control Panel and double click on the Display Properties. Click on the Settings panel and set the color "High Color (16 Bit)", then click on the Apply button to initiate the changes. Try the game after the changes have been applied. You may be required to exit and restart the game for the settings to take affect.

Kyro/Kyro2 based cards - Systems running these cards will experience a blank video display on Windows NT4 operating systems at the card’s default settings. To work around this problem, follow these steps:

a. Open ‘Display Properties’
b. Select ‘3D Optimizations’
c. Select ‘Custom’
d. Activate ‘Force Single Buffer’

Blade XP - Owners of this card may experience some sound skipping. Lowering screen resolution and video settings will improve the speed at which the sound is played. Please refer to the Sound Issues section of this Readme for more details on sound skipping problems.


4. Multiple Monitors:
If you are running a machine with multiple monitors and the video card for each monitor is an OpenGL compliant video card (e.g., GeForce series cards), you may experience problems running the game, as the game will recognize both video cards. Simply disable one of the monitors in the Windows® Display Properties.


5. 16 Bit Color:

This game is optimized for 32 bit color. Since most of the textures and art in the game contain a 32 bit color palette, playing the game in 16 bit color only displays half the color information, thus causing some loss in visual quality.

If your video card supports 32 bit color rendering then it is recommended that you use this setting in the game. To do this, simply access the options menu from within the game, go to the system portion and change the "Color Depth" to 32 bit and click the "Apply" button to initialize the change.


6. Problems Playing In 856 by 480 Widescreen Resolution:

If your video card and monitor do not support this resolution then you will not be able to use it within the game. Please check with your video card and monitor manufacturer for more information on playing OpenGL games using the 856 by 480 widescreen resolution.


7. Problems Changing Quality Setting In The Video System Menu:

The quality setting in the video system menu allows you to cycle some predefined configurations ranging from high graphic settings to faster system performance. Your actual graphics settings (screen size, filtering, etc.) are retained properly when you quit out of the game. However, the name of the quality setting itself is not retained. So, if you set to Fastest, the button may be on High the next time you run the game (though your settings will still be at Fastest).



1. Clipboard Text is Blurry:

Some users at lower screen resolutions may have difficulty reading the text on the clipboards in the game. If you experience this difficulty, increase your screen resolution to a higher setting.


2. Wolfconfig.cfg Files:

Your configuration and settings are stored in the Wolfconfig.cfg file. If you need to reset your configuration, do not delete the file. Instead, you should either run the game via the Safe Mode start menu option or select Defaults from the Options Menu.



1. Virtual Memory Warnings in NT/2000(SP2)/XP:

Users playing on machines using the Windows® NT/2000(SP2)/XP operating systems that possess less than 600 megabytes (MB) of virtual memory may receive low virtual memory warnings. To avoid these warnings, please make sure you set your virtual memory settings to at least 600 megabytes (MB). In addition, the warning occurs when switching video settings while in the game. If you are in a game and you want to switch video settings, please exit to the main menu first and then make the desired changes.


2. Virtual Memory Swap File:

In order to maximize the performance of Return to Castle Wolfenstein, you must have at least 300 megabytes (MB) of free hard disk space available for the Windows® virtual memory swap file.


3. Shift Key in Windows 2000(SP2) Interrupts Game:

If you press the Shift key 5 times consecutively in Windows® 2000(SP2) the following message should appear:

"By pressing the SHIFT key five times you have turned on the StickyKeys feature in Windows® 2000 SP2. With this feature, you can lock down the CTRL, ALT, or SHIFT keys. This is useful if you are unable to hold down more than one key at a time.

Click OK to turn this feature on. If you do not want to use the feature, click Cancel.

<check box> Turn off keyboard shortcut for this accessibility feature.


To avoid this happening in the future, click the settings button on the window referenced above. When the accessibility options screen appears, click the "Settings" button in the "Sticky Keys" portion of the window. On the next window (should be labeled "Settings For Sticky Keys"), uncheck in the box that says "Use shortcut", then click on "Apply", and close the windows. The problem should not occur once the shortcut has been disabled.


4. Windows® Key Interrupts Game in NT/2000(SP2)/XP:

If the Windows® key is pressed during game play, the Start Menu will interrupt the game. Should this happen, simply press the Escape (Esc) key to close the menu and return to the game. Unfortunately there is no way to prevent this from happening again expect by being careful not to hit those keys while playing.


5. CTRL-ALT-DEL Freezes System On Windows® 2000(SP2):

If the CTRL-ALT-DEL are pressed during game play, the screen will become corrupt and sometimes the system may become unstable. Should this happen, simply press the Escape (Esc) key to return to the game or reboot the computer and refrain from trying to access the task manager while playing the game.

NOTE TO VOODOO USERS: This problem seems to occur most frequently on systems using Voodoo cards.


6. Game Icons Are Missing From Start Menu And/Or Desktop In Windows® NT/Windows 2000(SP2)/XP:

When installing Return to Castle Wolfenstein while logged into Windows® as a specific user, the game icons will only show up when logging in as that user. For example, if you log into Windows® as "Wolf", install the game, then log out and log back in as "Wolf2", the game icons will not show up. If you wish to play the game, make sure you log into Windows® as the same user you were logged in as when you installed the game.



1. Mouse Wheel with Logitech Mice:

People having problems with the "mousewheel" on Logitech mice should grab the latest version of Logitech's drivers from the following location:


In addition to the latest version of "Mouseware" drivers, you will need to download the "Mouse Registry File for Gamers" which will allow the "mousewheel" to work within Return to Castle Wolfenstein.

Note: Although "Mouse Registry File for Gamers" is not listed as being needed under Windows® Millennium Edition you will still need to download it in order to get the correct functionality from the wheel.

Please contact the Logitech support team if you are unable to find this file on their website.


2. Demo Recording:

Demo recording is not supported in either single player or multiplayer play modes. The console commands for demo recording are still present in the game, but when executed they will not yield the expected results.

RTCW Single Player Demo (Windows) - User Comments  
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