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  True Combat : Elite Review! - Mods
  Posted by: Jdawgg on 12-27-2004 @ 03:38
This News Item has been viewed 6,170 times
Here is the written section of the True Combat : Elite total conversion mod for Enemy Territory. Team Terminator did a fantastic job at True Combat : Elite, and you really need to check them out. If you want the VIDEO REVIEW which I also made for TC:E, Click Here.

Well, True Combat : Elite is one hell of a total conversion. When you think about mods, there are really a select few that go places once they release. For instance, Desert Combat (a mod for BF1942) brought the game to modern warfare. From the first release, you knew it was destined to go places. TC:E works the same way. Currently still in a Test build of the mod, they have yet to enter the actual BETA releases (the .1, .2, etc). Just this month they release the Test Update, a fairly small file which most notably added two new maps. With the test version of the mod and its patch, I have gathered the following from this Total Conversion for Enemy Territory.

First and foremost, the graphics of TC:E are a huge step up from vanilla Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory textures. TC:E takes advantage of the power of the modified Quake 3 engine which ET runs on, and brings the game to higher graphic levels as seen in other Quake 3 based games such as Call of Duty. From textures to models to special effects, the mod hits you in just the right place each time you step into a map. With the higher resolution textures, all their modern textures seem extremely realistic. With professional-grade artists, their textures are really something else. Special FX are really cool. Especially the flash bang effect - but I'll touch base on that in a little bit. My favorite special effect they had was when shooting through a chain-link fence. When shot, it sparks occasionally as if a bullet is hitting the thin wire mesh. However, the bullets still travel through the fence realistically. In this example, it shows how the mod pays a great deal of attention to detail. Had my bullets just gone right through the fence without hitting, I would have thought nothing of it since that is how most games (even Call of Duty) handle fences. However, they took the extra step which made me lean back in my seat and go "whoa!" and of course, shoot at the fence a few more times, which ultimately cost me my life stick out tongue.

Next are the sounds. TC:E adds new weapon sounds to every one of their weapons. From firing sounds to reload sounds, they change them all. Even running sounds and impact sound FX are new. Unlike some other mods I've encountered, they change as much as they possibly can. The one thing they have yet to change is the voice chat voices. So if you press the "V" key followed by numerical values, it uses the vanilla ET voices for "Great shot" or "Danke." A little on the unrealistic side since the mod does not sport German soldiers... The team has all intentions to make their own voices, but this is the review of their test version, and as of now this has not been changed.

Animated iron sights are a key feature to this mod. Call of Duty style, if you right click it will have a nice smooth transition from holding your gun at your hip to holding the gun at eye level and looking down the sights. I have seen other mods (such as early versions of Forgotten Hope for BF1942) who attempted iron sights and failed because they just made 2D images on the HUD to simulate iron sights. TC:E uses true 3D, animated iron sights. For instance, if you walk while having iron sights up, the tip of the gun will sway while the viewport closer to your face will stay relatively still. I really could not describe TC:E's iron sights better than to just compare it to Call of Duty.

Other animations have been added as well. From running to dying, new animations have been added. Also, the first-person reload animations are all new for each of the weapons. This is that extra umph I've been talking about that hits it home with the players. There are also better throwing animations. Rather than the grenade being pulled off screen and then hurled away from your view, a hand animation will throw the grenade away from your body, again, Call of Duty style.

Flash bangs! I told you I'd come back to them. Reason being, they merit their own recognition. The flash bangs that TC:E added work exactly as a flash bang should. First, let me describe another Flash Bang mini-mod I encountered a few weeks ago... This mod was alright, it added a new model for a grenade, and when thrown it will blow up, and flicker like a florescent light. It was more aggravated and annoying to look at than anything else. It did very little to my line of sight - I could still shoot and hit targets. That was the best flash bang mod I have seen for this game, however, and it was not really all that great at all. Well, TC:E is different. Their flash bangs look, sound, and act like those seen in America's Army. When you throw them, they have a short fuse so you better look away fast. If they go off right in your face, you will have a white vail on your entire screen which is impossible to see through. Your ears will also beep, blocking out any noises of the battle around you. In the video you see what happens when the flash bang goes off in my face - got killed. This shows how efficient these things work. Now, the flash bangs have varying strength depending on how far away you are from it. Had the nade landed further away from me, I might not have been entirely blinded - it would just be really bright, decreases visibility significantly, but not entirely. Or, it might have gone entirely white, but not lasted as long. The addition of very realistic flash bangs was a huge success, and a great accomplishment by Team Terminator and TC:E.

What about gametypes? Well they gave them new names, but basically the two gametypes are TDM and an Objective type gametype. Bodycount is the TDM version - this is where there are two teams who just fight to see who gets more kills. You respawn, there is no real goal other than kill as many as you can. Their other gametype is sort of like Search & Destroy for Call of Duty. You need to get to a bomb site, plant the bomb, and blow up the objective. All the while obviously killing your enemy in attempts to either stop them from planting, or stop them from defusing. Both gametypes are very fun, but neither really add anything new to the realm of first-person shooters.

Don't get me wrong - I am not at all equivocating TC:E to Call of Duty, America's Army, or BF1942 - I am just using those two games as reference points to try to get my descriptions across in a more universal manner. True Combat : Elite truly is its own game, and a good one at that.

Overall? 8.5/10 is my rating. Why? Well it is still in its test version, not even BETA releases. So it is really early. Not much of the UI has changed (still the same old server list, which doesn't even work) and the same menu lists, player lists, etc. The limbo screen is a nice change, and the HUD is cool, but they still have work to do on the GUI front. Those voice chat commands also need to be redone with more realistic and modern voices and phrases. A few minor animation glitches, such as that iron sight responsiveness I touch base on in the video. Other animation glitches, such as weapons not recoiling when sighted, should be relatively easy to fix and I am sure they will be with their first BETA release. Those are all the negatives, so what positives bring it up to an 8.5? Well its fun factor is very high. I for one did not really like ET, and assumed all derivations of ET would be just as bad. However, TC:E proved me wrong. If you didn't really like ET, I would be willing to bet you'll love TC:E. And if you liked ET, I am sure you'll find TC:E enjoyable since it is a better looking change from the day-to-day first-person action that is Enemy Territory. I have gotten feedback from die hard ET fans and die hard anti-ET fans, and both seem to enjoy playing TC:E... At least, there is something about it that keeps them coming back wink.

It's a must download. Get it, play it, enjoy it! You can download the True Combat : Elite test installer here, and then get the TC:E Update here. There is a great server I've been playing on, and for those of you without the All Seeing Eye (and thus get no server list) I recommend connecting to the following IP.


That's it for my review. I hope you enjoyed. Be sure to go to http://www.truecombat.com and become a part of the True Combat : Elite community today!


          Next News Post 12-27-2004 @ 15:50 - STA - RTCW Season #7 Announced!
          Previous News Post 12-25-2004 @ 12:04 - The Price of Peace Holiday Gift - Major Mod Update!

Average User Rating: 9.5
Number of Votes: 6
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User Comments  
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Total comments: 6 | Last comment: 12-31-2004 at 02:41

 #1 - 12-27-2004 at 07:41
Guest (0x50a6af33.abnxx8.adsl-dhcp.tele.dk)
Joined: December 31st, 1969
I would like to point out one thing not mentioned in the very enjoyable review: The scopes on the sniper rifles are portal-based: You hve the area within the scope maginified, but the area outside the scope is still visible without magnification. It is one of the very few games to have that feature, and it adds tremendously to the ease of being a sniper in a close range environment. Also, it is worth noting that TC:E is the product of GrooveSix as well as Team Terminator, with G6 supplying the original concept and code, while TT now has made most of the fx, if I understand correctly.


 #2 - great review... - 12-27-2004 at 09:02
Guest (port-212-202-208-190.dynamic.qsc.de)
Joined: December 31st, 1969
...though you should update it with the new features since a lot has changed: new gametype (reinforced objectives) portal scopes, basic freeclimb, 2 more maps and much more

 #3 - 12-27-2004 at 12:44
Joined: October 10th, 2002
Posts: 233
Well the portal scopes were nice, but I didn't find them all that revolutionary... Red Orchestra has them, and they are way older than TrueCombat : Elite... I dunno, it was cool, but I didn't think it merited special recognition. I like to leave reviews as-is because I dont want to give people different reads...

I think my point is, the review gets people to want to see the mod - thus they will download it. If I painted every sensation the mod gives you, there would be no point in downloading it smile

 #4 - 12-27-2004 at 16:31
From: (0974)
Joined: December 16th, 2003
Posts: 174
Great Review, Great Game, Great Mod
10/10 10/10 10/10

Everythins is Just Great,
also me

[Guys] / [Girls] Play The Mod
1st time is har as no crosshair
but infact you dont need it
after a short time.

 #5 - 12-29-2004 at 06:54
From: (0974)
Joined: December 16th, 2003
Posts: 174
awsome reccomending our server IP btw

Peabush aka Kamikaze

good job on the Review + vidio again Jdawgg

 #6 - no thanx :( - 12-31-2004 at 02:41
Joined: October 20th, 2002
Posts: 29
omg, this mod sux !!!! > what do yu need this 4 ?
it looks like cs and has nothing to do anymore with the best game : ET
> and because cs (for the noobs/wimps and *****suckers) already exists > it is a total waste of time .... it is FIRLEFANZ !!!

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